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Ideal health is bought to you and edited by Dr Malcolm Peterson, and comes from a need to spread good health advice throughout South Africa and beyond. The website focuses on Dr Peterson’s self used diet, exercise and general health advice. Dr Peterson’s many products and services are also detailed on Ideal Health.  Please enjoy the content of the website, comment on articles and contact Dr Peterson for any health related questions.

About Dr Peterson

Dr. Malcolm Arthur Peterson is a Doctor in Chinese Medicine Dr. (T.C.M) (A.H.P.C. Reg. No: A06106-CM Practice No.:105 000 0260401)

Qualifications include:

  • High Honours for a Nutritional Therapist Diploma at the American Institute of Health and Science, Atlanta (1987)
  • Nutrition: Skin and Body Care from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London England       (1998)
  • Homotoxicology: Theoretical Concepts and therapeutic Applications from International Society of Homotoxicology  (1999)
  • Master degree in the Traditional Japanese Reiki method of self and relaxation from Usui Shiki Ryoho,  Japan (2000)
  • Registered with the South African College of Herbal Medicine (2000)
  • Obtained a Honorary Fellowship at the Herbology and Optimal Nutrition Education and Research Institute for Applied Herbology and Optimal Nutrition (2002)
  • Diploma in Medical Herbalism at the International collage of Phytotherapy (2002)
  • Doctor of Natural Medicine (Cum laud) at the Ubuntu Traditional Healers Organisation of South Africa (2003)
  • Registered in the allied health professions council of south Africa for Chinese Medicine specialising in acupuncture (2007)
  • Registered to practice from the South African Natural Health Practitioners Board (SANHPB)    (2007)

Dr Peterson is also a knowledgeable in aspects of cancer, deceases, weight loss and fitness.

Dr Peterson is known as the “KING of ABS”, have a look at some of the pictures and videos his well defined abdominal muscles.

Remember, Health is a way of life!


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